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  • Eliminate Bulky Breasts with Mammoplasty Surgery

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    Mammoplasty is a breast reduction surgery performed on those who have disproportionately large breasts. It is noteworthy that this surgery is not meant for women only; males who have gynecomastia (abnormally large breast) are relieved now, thanks to mammoplasty. Abnormally large breasts cause much discomfort and the poor fellows who have extraordinarily large breasts tend to suffer from inferiority complex about their appearance.
    Smiles are back to the people who have bulky breasts as breast reduction surgery have come to their rescue. If somebody plans to go for the surgery then there are certain things to be taken care of. Pre- operative consultation by the surgeon is done before mammoplasty during which he takes medical history of the patient to know whether in the past, the patient had a lump or suffered from any disease of the breasts. One should be physically and mentally sound before undergoing the surgery. Patient should be absolutely honest and should not feel shy to get desired results.
    The patient is required to take at least one week off, this time period varies from patient to patient. Patient can not resume their activity for about a month after the surgery. All concerns should be discussed with the patient to avoid future complications.
    People opting for mammoplasty should be well aware of the complications and side effects of the surgery. After the surgery patients experience some pain therefore doctors give them oral painkillers and antibiotic ointment. Patients should avoid lifting heavy objects as it can promote further scarring. Heavy weight lifting at a premature stage makes the matter worse. Some people may experience inadequate healing of nipple are which can be corrected in the future by skin graft.
    However, if the patient experiences any of the following symptoms he/ she should immediately rush to the doctor. Symptoms include fever, unusual discharge from the incision area, sutures coming out before their due time. There is also good news for the patients of gynecomastia. Breast reduction surgery gets insurance coverage as this surgery is considered to be reconstructive. But, one should always be careful enough to follow all the procedure of the policy to get its maximum benefits. The most important thing is a letter detailing patients’ physical symptoms caused by enlarged breasts and attached with that letter should be a photograph of the affected breasts taken by the surgeon before the start of surgery.
    Dilemmas of those who suffer from gynecomastia are understandable and deserve empathy. Mammoplasty is really a boon in disguise for them. Now they can also walk with their head high after successful breast reduction surgery.

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  • Indications for Breast Revision Surgery

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    Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed today. For many women, undergoing this sort of operation can propose a number of concerns. As with any sort of surgical procedure, a breast augmentation has some amount of risk. A significant amount of risk and potential complication involved presents as poor outcome and the need for a revision surgery. Statistically, according to the FDA, the national average for a person requiring a revision breast surgery is 20% over the first 3 years and 3% over 7 years. Breast revision surgery is the correction of a complication that can occur after the initial breast augmentation. Complications that can arise are: capsular contracture (hardening of the breast), deflation or leakage, asymmetry, symmastia, bottoming out, double bubble formation, rippling of the breast implant, improper positioning, and unhappiness with the size or outcome of the original breast augmentation.Breast revision surgery, also known as revision mammaplasty, can be far more complex and difficult compared to the initial procedure. There are a number of surgical techniques utilized by a highly trained and skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon to correct the possible complications. Some techniques utilized are capsulectomy (removal of the capsule) and capsulotomy (release of the capsule), capsulorrhapy (implant pocket modification), changing the placement of the implant from subglandular to subpectoral or vice versa, implant exchange, breast lift, and use of tissue matrix graft for extremely complicated cases.
    There is no way to completely rule out the need for a revision breast surgery, no matter the surgeon. However, making sure your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon and highly skilled and trained will definitely decrease the risk of complications. Also, diligent and persistent follow through of post operative care by the patient, and listening to your surgeon’s recommendations can significantly decrease the likelihood of revision breast surgery.Dr. Daniel Golshani is a double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 13 years of ongoing experience and expertise in the field of breast augmentation, breast revision and breast reconstruction. Dr. Golshani is constantly sought after for his skill in breast revision and reconstructive surgery. He is a perfectionist in nature and has a keen eye for artistry and exceptional skills in plastic surgery. Dr. Golshani was trained by world renowned experts and is constantly perfecting his skills with new techniques and advancements in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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  • Reduce Disproportionately Sized Breasts

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    Undoubtedly, the breast is the most attractive body part of a woman and this is why most of the women pay proper attention to it. An appropriate breast size not only makes them to look more beautiful but it also saves from various physical ailments. Increasing size may lead to variety of pains and if it persists long it may cause severe back pain, neck pain and other issues. So if you are also having overly sized breasts or it is increasing at a high speed then be cautious of it. If you have over sized breast naturally and you feel embarrass for it then you can try some alternative means for breast reduction. All should thank the latest surgical advancement like mammoplasty that helps in getting the perfect size that you need.
    The mammoplasty is a common surgical procedure that helps in augmenting or reducing the cheeks or breasts. While enlarging the size you can go for the normal one on the contrary to decrease the size you can trust on the reduction type. It is a kind of breast reduction surgery which is skillfully designed to remove the excess breast fat, sagging skin and glandular tissues. With the help of this technique one can get the desirable size in proportion with the body. Now alleviating the discomfort which is associated with badly shaped breasts is became quite easy because of these effective breast reduction methods. Due to the ease of undergoing it and affordable prices along with long lasting impact these methods are gaining immense popularity all across the world.
    Generally the ladies opt for mammoplasty treatment to reduce current size and get firm breast. Aging, post-pregnancy and naturally over size breast are the major reasons leading to breast reduction procedures. If you want to maintain the appeal of your body with the growing age then this treatment will definitely help you out. Using the latest ways of gaining the suitable size will help you to develop confidence and love for your body. It will make you look more youthful and well shaped. Thus going for these treatments will give you the expected results and attention. You can recover the attraction and flaunt your body which has become more beautiful than ever.
    Disproportionately sized breast can ruin the charm of your body and it can also let you to some of the life threatening problems which may not be fatal but will certainly spoil your life quality. It has been found that the women who undergo for mammoplasty are completely satisfied with its results. It is advisable that you take the help of the expert surgeon and take the feedback of the people who have undergone the same breast reduction treatment. Consulting to a fitness expert may also turn out to be helpful as there may be certain natural ways of loosing breast size.

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